Write Notepads Copper Anniversary Edition Notebook Review

Let me just start by saying this: I didn't need these notebooks. I wanted them. The last time I tried to buy a set of limited edition Write Notepads -- the 4th of July edition -- I didn't see the announcement email in time and they slipped through my fingers. So this time, fueled by spite and FOMO, I jumped at them. On the one hand, I was weak. On the other, I got some pretty sweet notebooks.

Commemorating their seven years in business, the Copper Anniversary Edition Pocket Notebooks from Write are a stunning, if temporary, addition to their lineup. Each pack comes wrapped with three perfect-bound notebooks featuring burgundy covers and copper foil stamps on the front and back. The little "7" mile marker icon at the bottom is a nice touch.

The cover's linen-like feel is compounded by a corrugated texture that's nice and grippy. Grippy is a technical term by the way. Once you open it, you're met with white 70# red-ruled paper. It's, as the kids say, creamy af, a dream to write on. Imagine if someone grabbed the bottle from one of those moisturizer commercials and said, "Let's make paper out of it!"

The Baron Fig Squire rollerball handles very well and dries almost instantly. The Faber Castell ink in my fine point Kaweco Sport fountain pen takes a few seconds, otherwise I'm no better than Brienne of Tarth.

And pencil. Well. Sex is great and all, but have you ever used an extra-firm Blackwing on 70# paper?

My go-to paper type used to be ruled--which these are--but lately I've been digging dot grid for its versatility. I've also had an urge to get back into journaling with morning pages, so I figured why not put these to use immediately because I'm an impatient and impetuous manchild?

I love the feel of my pen across the pages, but the Copper Anniversary Notebooks have one fatal flaw: the binding. Not in construction. They're predictably well-built. Write knows how to make a sturdy, handsome book the way IKEA knows how to make a sturdy, handsome Björksnäs.

The issue is in their use of perfect (or glue-based) binding. Sure, these will look gorgeous on a shelf with their little spines all lined up in a row, but cracking them and getting them to bend to your will will take some effort (can we just talk about how violent the act of breaking in a new notebook sounds? "You think fountain pens are your ally? You merely adopted them. I was born in them. Molded by them. CRACK").

Once it's open, it doesn't stay that way. I constantly find myself fighting back the flap as I write. Plus, with 1/10 of the book taken up by binding, the amount of writing space available is reduced. Write also included a thin column in the left margin, presumably for numbering to-do lists, which I could ignore and just scribble over as if it wasn't there, but come on:

I would've preferred staples or even a threaded binding so they'd at least open flat, but I get why they went the perfect binding route. The end result looks damn classy and luxurious and for $12.95 per pack, you won't be disappointed. These notebooks remind me of Story Supply's 407 limited editions, which featured a similar red, textured cover and 70# paper inside.

Write continues to release notebooks that don't go for gimmicks or over-the-top covers. They simply put out beautiful, reliable notebooks that make the writing experience an enjoyable one.

But seriously. Staples.

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