The Shelf Life Episode 4: “Mail Call”

A new episode of my podcast sitcom, The Shelf Life, came out on Monday:

An unexpected—and unwelcome—visitor drops a bombshell in Edwin’s lap that will change the future of Blue Cat Books forever, and the mail carrier brings a visitor from Edwin’s past back to the present. At least Vincent, Sarah, and Mrs. Larson are there to help, even if Edwin never asked for it.

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The Study: Issue #24

I just released a new issue of The Study, my Substack newsletter for readers and writers:

  • The Shelf Life: Episode 4 | “Mail Call”
  • The Prophet: A New Thriller from Yours Truly
  • James Patterson Saving Independent Bookstores
  • Notion – The All-in-One Workspace

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Rodecaster Pro Podcasting Studio

Nice writeup from Vlad Savov at the Verge on the new Rodecaster Pro all-in-one podcasting studio:

The optimal scenarios for using the Rodecaster Pro aren’t too numerous, but once you hit on one, you’ll really appreciate its existence. Say you’re part of a daily podcast with a couple of your friends, you like to take calls from expert guests, and you really don’t want to spend much time on post-processing. Get yourself one of these, and you’ll be able to mute and isolate mic channels on the fly, add in jingles and intro music, and maintain a level of reliable quality that makes additional work mostly unnecessary. All of that becomes doubly true for live broadcasts, where the immediate quality and polish that the Rodecaster Pro provides become most apparent.

Also, check out this video review from Curtis Judd. He walks through the features and demonstrates the Rodecaster’s versatility.