My Favorite Things: Issue #1

I wanted to shed light on some of my favorite things from the last week or so. I'll probably make this a regular column here.

Fantastical on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I recently became a subscriber and can safely say it's the best damn calendar app on any platform. And its iOS 14 widgets are fab.

"What to Do About Harry Potter? J.K. Rowling, Transhopia and Idolatry" by M.K. Anderson – a brilliant dive into the author's bigotry and how we must release her grip on our childhoods so we can move on and leave her in the past where she belongs.

Christopher Lawley's YouTube Channel – Chris's videos about how he uses his iPad are a must-watch for anyone looking to expand their tablet usage. I've started using several new apps, such as Feedbin (another favorite thing) and rediscovered my love for the aforementioned Fantastical thanks to his videos. Check out his Daily iPad Workflow series first and go from there.

Apollo – this iOS app is really the only way I read Reddit now and the new iOS 14 widgets make it even better.

Unslush is Iain Broome's brilliant newsletter for writers and there's always at least one thing (usually more) I can take away from each issue and implement in my own writing routine. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.

Theory11 Hudson Playing Cards - I picked up a deck of these the other day and haven't put them down since. The back design is set against a beautiful shade of blue and evokes a sense of historic New York City.

Alex Pandrea's One-Handed Shuffle Tutorial - Along with the new cards, I've been learning some new techniques. I'm working on a few color changes, a new (to me) control method, and a routine called Arcane Control by Jason Ladanye. However, while I watch TV or wait for my coffee to brew, I practice this slick one-handed shuffle I picked up from Alex Pandrea's YouTube channel.

(P.S.: If you're into learning magic, cardistry, or sleight of hand, subscribe to Alex's channel. It's chock full of clear explanations of moves for all levels.)

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