Bathroom Reading - February 14, 2019

A collection of interesting reads from around the web to read after your second cup of coffee:

"Dan Mallory, 2 Starkly Similar Novels and the Puzzle of Plagiarism" - the continuing saga of The Woman in the Window author Dan Mallory (A.J. Finn), first described in an eye-opening exposé in The New Yorker.

"What it Takes to Survive As a Writer Today" - Michael Seidlinger asks the question: What happens to art when artists cannot afford to create it?

"What Should I Do If I’m Ashamed of My Published Work?" - hat tip to Iain Broome and his wonderful weekly newsletter for pointing me to this. Two authors are ashamed to have their first novels out in the world. What are they to do? (If you're a writer, you should subscribe to Iain's newsletter. Go. I'll wait.)

"Under the Boot" - a deep dive into the supposed "transformation" of right-wing pundit turned slightly-less-right-wing blowhard Max Boot.

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