Find Your People

I have a small group of writers I talk to every day. We have our own digital space to shoot the breeze, shitpost, and share our writing for feedback. I trust them implicitly with my words and their guidance is the most valuable resource I have for improving my writing.

Find people like that. People who will be honest and supportive. People you can trust. I always joke about how I hate everyone and prefer a life away from humanity, but in all honesty, if I didn’t have this group, I’d be lost. They’ve improved my life in immeasurable ways and I’m grateful to know them.

Cultivate those relationships. I’m glad I did.


I’d forgotten I’d been sitting on this domain for the last several years. After I got out of tech blogging, I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but I’ve been thinking about getting back into casual blogging again. I might talk about tech, but more often than not I’ll use this space to muse on any number of topics, including writing, social media, art, books, TV shows, and anything else.

I’m bringing blogging back. Is Google Reader still a thing? If it is, subscribe and get my nonsense delivered daily. Or you can always follow me on Twitter.