iPad for Writers: iPadOS 13 Review


The iPad homescreen in iPadOS 13 now allows for more icons to be displayed at a time and when you rotate your device, their positioning doesn’t change their arrangement. That was a major complaint from the beginning, so it’s nice to see Apple listened.

However, the biggest addition to the homescreen comes in the form of widgets, which exist in a sidebar to the left of your icons. It can be pinned so it’s always visible when the iPad is in landscape orientation, providing quick access to things like your appointments, the weather, and Shortcuts.

I use widgets so much more now, especially when compared to the iPhone, because they’re always right there when I exit to the homescreen. The information I need is available at a glance and I can even pin specific widgets to the top so I don’t have to scroll to find them every time.


Third party apps like Drafts can provide access to quick actions in their widgets, like creating and dictating new drafts. As you add more apps to your iPad, see what kinds of widgets they offer and whether they’d be a good fit among the others.

One thing I’d like to see is for the column to be pinned to the homescreen in a kind of frame on the left, while the icons move as I swipe from screen to screen. Right now, when I swipe to my second homescreen grid of icons, the widget column gets swiped away, too. I want it persistently on my homescreen no matter what.

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