iPad for Writers: iPadOS 13 Review

Dark Mode

Dark Mode looks great on the iPad. If you’re someone who writes in low light or at night and you don’t want a blast of white in your face as you work, switching to Dark Mode can be a blessing.

The quickest activation I’ve found is via Control Center. Swipe down from the top right of the screen and tap the two-tone Pokéball to toggle Dark Mode on and off.

If you’d rather something a bit more gradual, you can put Dark Mode on a schedule to change with the sunrise and sunset, or at specific times of day.

I tend to prefer text editor apps roll their own Dark Mode themes, as the stark white text on a black background can be just as hard on the eyes as black text on a white background sometimes. I’d love to be able to customize dark mode to use, perhaps a charcoal background and light gray text instead.

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