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Thurrott: "This is No Way to Treat Early Adopters" →

Paul Thurrott on Microsoft's missing update for Windows Phone 7 early adopters:

Microsoft, silence is no way to treat early adopters, the people who are your most loyal customers. It is the most disrespectful thing you can do, in fact. Combined with the weird and continued holes in your ecosystem strategy—the inability to get Xbox Video content on Windows Phone 8 as only one obvious example—it’s unclear to me why you think anyone should support you or your mobile platform.

Microsoft claimed the reason early Windows Phone 7 phones (including the Lumia 900, which was only released seven months ago) couldn't be updated to Windows Phone 8 was due to hardware limitations. As a result, it promised one final update to something called Windows Phone 7.8, which was supposed to bring some of the functionality of WP8 to older devices.

Apple's dismissal of the original iPad only two years after its release was bad, but at least it got bumped from iOS 4 to iOS 5.1 in that time.

Microsoft isn't saying if or when older phones are getting their updates and it doesn't bode well for the sustainability of the platform. Why would anyone buy a Windows Phone 8 phone if they're going to have to buy a new device every year to get the latest OS?

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