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The Need for a True Audio Production Program →

John Welch runs a weekly podcast with particular production requirements probably not uncommon to other podcasts, but the audio software out there currently is sorely lacking.

Finding this kind of stuff is not as easy as it should be, and most applications that I have found are aimed at creating beautiful works of art, not hammering out the same shit week after week. Production is not creation. They’re similar, but they have different needs and goals. What is needed is a podcast application, or really an audio application that focuses on production, on automation, on allowing someone who’s doing the same thing day after day or week after week to focus on that, and not have to deal with decisions made to foster a completely different workflow.

Reading through, I definitely saw parallels to the way I used to stitch together inThirty in GarageBand.

The same way writers have a specific tool in Scrivener, podcasters and other audio producers need a tool specifically catered to them that enables them to polish and produce their content for the Web. It looks like Amadeus Pro and Adobe Audition might fit the bill to a degree, but based on their feature lists, neither of these programs look like they address several of the needs John outlined in his post. Further investigation is necessary.

Any help in this hunt would be greatly appreciated.