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The Android Engagement Paradox →

Horace Dediu on the difference between iOS and Android with respect to Black Friday mobile shopping patterns:

This I consider to be a paradox: Why is Android attracting late adopters (or at least late adopter behavior) when the market is still emergent? We’ve become accustomed to thinking that platforms that look similar are used in a similar fashion. But this is clearly not the case. The shopping data is only one proxy but there are others: developers and publishers have been reporting distinct differences in consumption on iOS vs. Android and, although anecdotal, the examples continue to pile up.

Is it because Android users buy fewer apps and accessories for their devices, therefore they tend to use them less than iOS users? Do iOS users spend more money than Android users overall?

It's not clear what the reasons are yet, but one thing is certain: Market share is not nearly as valuable as the hack pundits would have you believe.