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As I devote more time to the site, it becomes necessary that I monetize it in some way. I already accept donations and signing up for a paid account nets me a little cash on the side. There are now Fusion Ads on the left, and of course, there’s always hooking. Okay, maybe not that last one.

In any event, I’m asking/begging/pleaing/pan-handling/appealing to your generosity 1 for a meager $2 per month to help me keep Curious Rat going.

By becoming a member of “the Rat Pack” 2, you’re entitled to the kind of guilt assuagance satisfaction that only comes from pledging to NPR twice a year - but at a fraction of the price. Consider me the extremely poor man’s Soterios Johnson.

You’ll also gain access to a unique full-content RSS feed as a reward for helping an independent writer thrive on the Web.

Thank you for your support and keep chewin’.

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If you enjoy my inane ramblings and want to keep them coming, or you just pity the hell out of me, please donate.

Money may be used on a new logo, blog design and/or alcohol. No matter the amount, however, it will help keep the site going. Thanks!

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  1. Delete as appropriate based on how desperate you believe me to be at this moment. ↩

  2. A strong tip of the hat to Tony Harris for that one. ↩