Curious Rat

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About half a million families own a rat or mouse, based on statistics from the American Pet Products Association—nearly double the number from 2006. That upswing may reflect the low cost of caring for “pocket pets” at a time of tight household finances. But as small critters go, there’s something about rats that generates particular ardor among their owners. “Mice are great, but rats are smarter,” says AFRMA founder and president Karen Robbins. “They know you, and they want to be out with you.”

I can attest to this first-hand. Rats are loving, loyal, and brilliant. I’ve owned 11 over the last several years and each one has had its own unique personality.

Long story short: Rats make fantastic pets.

And this particular bit of the article interested me the most (for obvious reasons):

Many of these varieties (and a few of their mouse cousins) are on display at the AFRMA show in Riverside. In the “curious rat” competition, which challenges the contestant to investigate 10 items in one minute (house keys, hairbrush, toilet-paper tube, and so on)…