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Quality Over Quantity →

Myke Hurley in a guest post for

Even after we were able to get long-term sponsors on board, I was still meticulously checking these numbers—it became a habit. I wanted to ensure that I was doing the right thing and I felt like I could only find vindication and answers in the graphs.

But then something changed. After listening to that SXSW talk earlier this year I started to consider things differently.

It sounds like once Myke stopped religiously checking his stats, the quality of his podcasts got better and it definitely shows. I hope one day I can get over that hurdle for inThirty and Curious Rat.

It’s difficult to pull yourself away from the feeling that you need to be posting more and doing everything you can to keep numbers up, but when it comes right down to it, it’s all about who is paying attention to your work, not how many.