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'It’s Your Opinion That Means Nothing' →

Stu Maschwitz:

Everything about a movie is someone else’s opinion.

You can’t “send the movie back” and ask for it to be hotter, or colder, or for Wonder Woman to be played by someone else, or for Loki to have horns on his helmet, or not. Or for fewer lens flares. Or a less spherical droid, or a differently-configured made-up laser sword. The movie is the movie, and it’s up to you to enjoy it. Everything about a movie is someone else’s opinion. If you’re not in the mood for that, don’t go.


Above I tried to trick you by saying “our reactions are our opinions,” but by my definition, that’s not true. You’re expressing your reaction when you say “I don’t like the lens flares.” You’re expressing your opinion when you say “there were too many lens flares.” See the difference?

This can be applied to so many things: movies, television shows, music, or even push notifications from Apple. It’s fine if you don’t like something. It’s your opinion on that something I don’t take seriously.