Curious Rat

Black Friday at Best Buy →

ᔥ The Consumerist:

“I was in line from 12:45 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., and was only about 30% of my way to the register,” writes RC. “I gave up… this much aggravation wasn’t worth it. What’s the point to only having two registers open for 1000+ people? My guess is that since they have this titanic line interweaving through-out the isles [sic] they want you to stay in the store as long as possible.”

Remember what happened when former Apple retail VP John Browett tried to cut staff in order to raise profits?

Imagine if his plan had succeeded and there were half as many "Blue Shirts" in this video.

It's not hard to see why Best Buy's profits are in the toilet - who wants to wait in line for four hours to save a few hundred dollars on a TV?

I wonder how many other potential customers gave up waiting because Best Buy couldn't be bothered to hire more cashiers to move the crowds along? More importantly, how much money did the company lose?