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Harry Marks is the proprietor of this establishment.


Other Work - a weekly tech podcast covering one topic for 30 minutes hosted by me, Justin Freid and Chaim Cohen.

TUAW TalkCast - another weekly podcast I pop up on most Sundays at 10pm EST. It’s a call-in show, so stop by and say hello.

The Impromptu - a panel tech podcast hosted by a group of the smartest guys on the Web (including yours truly) that is a lot longer than thirty minutes.

Lifed - tips, tricks and hacks for life.

The Four Misanthropes of the Apocalypse - we hate stupidity, so we make it cry with our words.

The Magazine - Marco Arment’s new iOS magazine app focusing on technology, the Internet, and stuff that makes geeks tick.

Interviews and Guest Appearances

Zero Distraction

The Impromptu - Episode 41: “Tim Cook Hates Corinthian Leather”

Enough - Episode 196: “Luddite in Training”

The Menu Bar - Episode 5: “The Keyboard Jesus Would’ve Used”


2011 13-inch MacBook Air, 1.7 GHz Core i5, 4 GB RAM, 256 GB HD

iPad (Gen 4)

iPhone 5

Blue Snowball Mic


TextExpander/TextExpander Touch


Writing Kit

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