Curious Rat

Covered Episode 8: Courtney Alameda →

Harry talks with author Courtney Alameda about her new paranormal horror-thriller, Shutter, as well as the variety of books that inspired her, the misperceptions people have of horror authors, and dealing with the frustrating question, “What is it like to be a woman who writes horror?”

Harry also reveals the winners of the #CoveredConfidant giveaway, courtesy of Baron Fig!

COVERED Episode 7: Eric Shonkwiler →

Harry talks with author Eric Shonkwiler about his award-winning debut novel, Above All Men, as well as Cormac McCarthy, MFA programs, and the current state of literature.

And keep your ears peeled for a very special giveaway courtesy of our good friends at Baron Fig!

Chuck Wendig’s Magical Writing Shed →

ᔥ Terrible Minds:

Over the last many moons, my wife busted her ass to make the shed happen. She weathered the (several) problems that popped up. She helped me settle on a design that did not look like a four-year-old painted it with poopy hands. Delays and problems besieged — and oh yeah, right around the holidays, too, whee — but then, it happened.

They delivered the shed. And put it together.

I WANT ONE. Hell, if it weren’t for the flood-happy nature of my backyard (we’re right against a river), I’d put one in.

Dear Stephen King →

Michelle Muto:

As a writer, I understand now in ways I couldn’t back then. You wouldn’t take no for an answer with all your rejection letters. I once posted a sticky on my computer monitor about your rejections and how you’d kept them. I kept mine, too. Times are different, and although I never got The Call, I made my own way. The stories just had to get out and I wasn’t getting any younger.

A lovely letter to a great writer.

‘Let Us Never Forget Why We Write' →

A beautiful video from Field Notes celebrating the joy of writing.

(↬ Mark Tucker on Twitter)

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