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COVERED Episode 4: Brighton Walsh →

Harry talks with author Brighton Walsh about her New Adult novel, Caged in Winter, heroines in New Adult literature, reading only Twilight fan fiction during the drafting process, and how American Idol factors into CiW’s origin.

Chuck Wendig on Authorial Self-Hatred →

Chuck Wendig wrote a hilarious and poignant post on the self-doubt we face when creating something as daunting as a book:

And writing a book is a long process. Far more marathon than sprint. It’s easy to run a sprint. Hard-charge over a short distance? Sure. Can do! But a marathon, man — hell, the most I’ve ever run is two miles and to be honest with you, I often hit trouble at around the same times as I do with a novel (third, half, two-thirds). Writing a novel is tantamount to wandering a dark forest. You’ll always have those times when it feels like you can’t see the stars, that the thicket has grown too deep, that the way out will never be within sight. But then you keep wandering and — okay, sure, sometimes you get eaten by a GOBLIN BEAR because they can smell your fear-pee — eventually you push through the shadow and the bramble and there’s the way forward again.

It’s like he’s in my head. My drafting process is usually a progressive series of emotions:

  • This is great!
  • This is okay.
  • This sucks.
  • I suck.
  • Maybe it’s not that bad…
  • It’s pretty good.
  • It’s done and I kinda like it. Time to query!
  • On to the next book!

Rinse, repeat.

COVERED Episode 3: Steph Post →

We’ve made it three whole episodes! In the latest, I talk with author Steph Post about her new “grit-lit” book, A TREE BORN CROOKED, growing up in rural Florida, the influences television and films have on her writing, and how she had the title for her book before a single word was written.

Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview →

Stephen King lets readers in on how he feels about his career thus far, his favorite TV shows of the last 15 years, and what he has coming up next. The Q&A below, however, had me beaming because I, too, hate the kind of elitism that comes with judging books by their genres:

What do you make of this surge in sales for young-adult books? There’s a whole school of critics that say too many adults are reading them.

It’s just crazy. I read all of the Harry Potter books, and I really liked ‘em. I don’t approach any books in terms of genre saying that “This is young adult,” or “This is a romance,” or science fiction, or whatever. You read them because you read them. Someone asked me recently, “Have you ever considered writing a book for young people? You know, a YA novel?” And I said, “All of them.” Because I don’t see that genre thing.

And that’s what I love about King—he’s not just a “horror writer.” He writes science fiction and suspense and sociopolitical commentary. He’s a writer. No adjective. Just a writer.

Bonhams to Auction Classic Movie Memorabilia →

Bonhams is partnering with Turner Classic Movies to auction off dozens of items from classic films like Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and my favorite, Casablanca.

Such historical treasures include:

Poring over the lot, I must’ve uttered, “Oh my God,” a hundred times, followed by…

That belongs in a museum!