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The State of Scrivener for iOS →

ᔥ the Literature & Latte blog:

Take the sync code, for example. Most iOS apps can take quite a simple approach to sync, using the built-in features that Apple provides for iCloud. Or they can use the Dropbox API to manage uploads and downloads. Nothing is so simple for Scrivener. One of Scrivener’s main features is that it allows you to bring in research files – photos, PDF files and so on – so that you can view them next to your text and keep everything together in a single project. In order to achieve this, Scrivener requires a file format quite different from most writing software. Scrivener, in fact, is something of a hybrid between a document-based program and a shoebox app.

Sync seems to be the biggest hurdle for Literature & Latte to overcome because of the nature of the app and its file structure. This can’t utilize a simple iCloud sync. They’re building something custom to handle .scriv files properly.

They’ve also started a simple Scrivener for iOS Developer Diary to “show at least that the iOS version has been in continual development, hitting snags along the way, even if progress has seemed glacial to the outside world.”

It’s frustrating to know how far away it is, but it looks like Scrivener for iOS will be just as groundbreaking as Editorial was when it was released.

Humphrey Bogart Gin →

The Hollywood Reporter:

U.S. billionaire John Paul DeJoria, U.K. entrepreneur Jonathan Kendrick and the Humphrey Bogart Estate are partnering to launch Bogart’s Real English Gin, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

“We have the world’s best small-batch hand-crafted artisanal gin,” said DeJoria, who is the co-founder of Patron Tequila and Paul Mitchell hair products company. “Botanically infused and distilled in England, each bottle will feature the name and face of Humphrey Bogart, one of the biggest Hollywood icons of all time and a true gin enthusiast.”

Chroble LEGO Minifig Shelf →

I need to get a few of these for my office.

Photos: From Swampland to Disney World →

A slideshow depicting the origins of Walt Disney World, beginning with Roy Disney and his team inspecting the land and going all the way to the park’s opening in 1971. If you look on YouTube, you can also find some great videos about the park’s history.

Inside Martin Greenfield Clothiers →

Speaking of suits and style, Melia Robinson has a great (non-slideshow) series of photos from one of the best suit makers in America:

*Today, [Martin Greenfield] continues the tradition of making suits by hand at his four-floor warehouse in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where his client list includes Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Michael Bloomberg, and Leonardo DiCaprio. “I see my suits being worn all over the world,” Greenfield says. “I love to see the results.” *