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Sony to YouTube: ‘Take That Video Down…Even If We Don’t Own It' →

Amid Amidi for Cartoon Brew:

Sony Pictures has demanded the removal of the CGI short film Sintel from YouTube due to a claim of copyright infringement. One small problem: they don’t actually own anything in the film.

And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

Who Said What? Don't Ask Allen West →

Tom Boggioni for The Raw Story:

A review of former congressman and Founding Father enthusiast Allen West’s new book has turned up a wide assortment of fake quotes attributed to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and other famous historical figures.

According to the Palm Beach Post, West’s “Guardian of the Republic,” which outlines his political philosophy and his “warrior code,” includes many quotes that have been described by historians as erroneous.

For those who are unfamiliar, Allen West is a former Florida congressman, retired U.S. Army liutenant colonel, and currently a contributor on Fox News.

Happy World Rat Day! →

This should be a national holiday.

World Rat Day

Pitchforks On the Internet →

Carl T. Holscher on former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s stepping down:

It may be a win. But it’s not a pretty win. How is this any better than others losing their job for their views? We should not be out for blood. We’re not trying to make the whole world blind.

Are we any better for bullying a man who gave a small amount of money to a cause four years ago? He has not publicly spoken out against it. He has not made it an issue. He has not enacted policies to forbid it. He is coming out of this whole situation looking like the bigger man. He gave $1,000 to a cause where over over $83 million was donated.

The world isn’t getting any more tolerant. It’s getting angrier. One wrong move and your podcast, TV show, or job could be lost because the public demands it. Why is it we sympathize with the monster in the movies, but behave like the townsfolk in real life? Where does that get us? Certainly not any better than the people incurring such wrath.

I find Eich’s beliefs—if he even still believes them—abhorrent, but I find the Internet Outrage Machine’s trigger-happy nature to be far more toxic than the catalysts for its reaction. As my friend Patrick Rhone said on social media last night:

Did Martin Luther King solve civil inequality by getting those in opposition fired from their jobs? Or did he simply show them non-violence and loving kindness and thus create a world where injustice was not accepted as a societal norm? A deeper change.

Where will this end? Where’s the line? Do we go after News Corp next? Or Verizon? Or Exxon? It’s been ten minutes without a demand for someone’s head and I’m worried the Internet’s losing its edge.

What Do You Do When Someone Else is Selling Your Work? →

Author Kristen Proby:

I noticed yesterday that my newest release, TIED WITH ME, was “on sale” on Amazon for $3.03. The regular price is $3.99, and I did not put the book on sale. Because it’s self published, I hold all control of the price of the book. When I contacted my representative at Amazon, I was told that they were price matching with Google Play.

I was stunned. I don’t offer my books on Google Play. I’d never uploaded the file for sale on Google Play.

After emailing colleagues, my agent and publicist, I came to the realization that my book had been illegally uploaded onto Google Play. Someone had posed as the publisher and put my book up for sale on Google Play.


Piracy is wrong (don’t argue), but passing off someone else’s work as your own and collecting money on it is an entirely different level of scumbaggery. Curious to know how many others are experiencing this and at what levels beyond books. Music? Apps?