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Writers and Their Margin Notes →

A collection of notes written by authors in the margins of other authors’ books. I wish the pictures were bigger, or at least the notes transcribed below each photo, but it’s fascinating to see how intense some writers got with their notations.

Opening Lines →

Jonathan Russell Clark:

I probably fetishize opening lines because, well, I’m a reader and a writer. As a reader, a really wonderful opening line makes me giddy with excitement. I nestle myself as deeply into my couch as I can go, and I accept the deal the novel has offered me. Yes, I will read the rest of you. You’ve earned it. As a writer, the opening line is the purest, most unadulterated part of a work. Before it, the blank page. After it, the whole of a story, a novel, a book. It is the division between nothing and something, the bridge between emptiness and fullness, between something in your head and something on the page. The opening sentence is the first utterance of life, the initial gasp of air that birth forces out.

'George R.R. Martin is Not Your Bitch' →

A reader wrote to Neil Gaiman asking him if he was justified in his disappointment that George R.R. Martin was doing things other than writing the next A Song of Ice and Fire book.

Gaiman’s response was spot on.

Official ‘The Cramped’ T-Shirts Now Available →

Show your support for analog tools and handwriting by picking up one of these fashionable t-shirts for $20. Multiple colors available. Be the envy of all your friends who haven’t heard of us yet.

World Book Night Suspends U.S. Operations →

ᔥ Publisher’s Weekly:

After a three year effort, World Book Night officials said this morning they are suspending its operations. In a statement, executive director Carl Lennertz cited lack of outside funding as the main reason for ending the book-giving project.

Talk about a worthwhile campaign in need of funding. How about instead of donating to some clown’s potato salad Kickstarter, we try to show the rest of the world we aren’t a complete joke?